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Assembly Services

Whitewater Manufacturing offers ISO 9001:2000 compliant contract assembly services to custom product manufacturers and OEMs. We have over 6 decades of experience in medical, commercial, and military box builds. Agricultural equipment, Motorcycle assemblies, and power tools are some typical products assembled by us.

Our facility is equipped with all the tools required to assemble a wide range of custom products manufactured by OEMs. For every box build assembly project, a customized assembling procedure is developed to meet or exceed customer expectations. We nurture these practices through continuous training and reinvestment in capital equipment.

Depending on your specifications, we assemble custom…Read More

CNC Turning & Milling

Our full-service job shop is equipped with 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machines for handling a wide range of precision machining operations. From cutting as well as threading to drilling and tapping, we specialize in handling diverse machining processes. Materials processed include alloy steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. CNC turning equipment at our machine shop is capable of machining cylindrical components with diameters up to 16”. These CNC lathes are capable of handling machining operations such as contour turning, tapering, and form turning. The live tooling capability of our CNC lathes allows us to turnaround jobs within…Read More

Engineering Services

Customer’s concepts are converted to products through CAD/CAE designing, engineering analysis, and prototyping. Our design team can work with your drawings or create completely new product models. Whitewater Manufacturing also specializes in designing and manufacturing custom tooling for precision machining processes.

Using Pro Engineer, we develop NC programs for all our CNC machines. Our engineering department provides engineering analysis solutions, including failure, fatigue, and finite element analysis. Design engineers at our facility are also experienced in creating 3-D models by reverse engineering existing products. From R & D to delivery, Whitewater Manufacturing serves as a one-stop job shop to…Read More

Inspection Services

We use manual and automatic CMMs to inspect parts as large as 60” in length, 25” in width, and 20” in height. Whitewater Manufacturing’s quality management system is certified to ANSI and ISO 9001:2000 standards. The automatic Mitutoyo DCC CMM at our job shop facilitates inspection and evaluation based on CAD models. The DCC system allows us to take measurements repeatedly, as required in large production runs. For small to medium volume production runs, we use a manual CMM to take accurate measurements.

Utilizing an optical comparator, we digitally compare the dimensional specifications of small metal components with customer-supplied…Read More

Outside Vendor Services

Whitewater Manufacturing assists our customers in finishing custom components through our experienced list of vendors providing man finishes including electroplating and electroless plating processes. Including custom plating solutions to meet the protective or decorative finishing requirements of customers from aerospace, agricultural, and military sectors. Our finishing services comply with Mil-Spec and OEM specifications. Prior to plating, our vendors clean the components thoroughly to remove surface debris and other impurities through acid rinsing, solvent degreasing, and ultrasonic cleaning.

Our custom plated parts are available in black chromium, bright nickel, copper, and cadmium finishes. Whitewater Manufacturing makes optimal use of the…Read More

Supply Chain Management

From material procurement and production to distribution, Whitewater Manufacturing offers complete supply chain management services to diverse industries, including aerospace, chemical, as well as electronics. We work with customers to manage supply chain processes such as JIT delivery, inventory control, and warehouse management. Using our supply chain management services, OEMs and other industrial customers can focus on their key capabilities.

Our trucks enable us to meet quick delivery requirements. We also specialize in relabeling and repacking services. Depending on your shipping requirements, Whitewater Manufacturing supplies custom-machined components as less than truck loads (LTLs) or full container loads (FCLs) through…Read More


whitewater_weldingAssembling tubular frames, dissimilar metal parts, and micro components through manual welding is our specialty. Our precision welding capabilities include MIG, TIG, and spot welding. Whitewater Manufacturing’s AWS-certified welding equipment produce precise welds on alloy steel, aluminum, and cast iron components. The team has several decades of combined experience in offering custom welding services to various industries, including aerospace, military, and electronics.

Using portable hand held welding equipment, we produce plate, sheet, and tubular components with smooth inner welds. Final assembly accuracy of custom-machined components is ensured through free hand…Read More